Welcome: Water Wednesdays & All Good in the Hood

I wanna send a big North End MC WELCOME to the following 2 initiatives who I have been working with in the last few weeks. One is about protecting our water, and the other is about stopping violence through sharing culture. Sounds awesome eh? It’s cuz it is.


Winnipeg Water Wednesdays

An Idle No More initiative, AYO! spent last summer for 10 weeks working with many different groups (youth groups, media groups, environmental groups, unions, political groups, educational groups) to raise awareness on the multitude of water issues in our city. Most alarming is the fact that our water source Shoal Lake (39 and 40) are struggling with access to water issues while our whole city benefits from their water source. Also of major concern is the fact that Lake Winnipeg only has 9 years remaining until it becomes a dead lake (that means it has no oxygen, cannot support life). I have had a great time at these events that begin Wednesdays at 5:30pm at Memorial Park Fountain – check out www.OneWinnipeg.ca for official info!

agith logo 1

All Good in the Hood Winnipeg

This Round Dance Stop the violence initiative began last month when Darryl Buck came to MM@BT and shared his vision with us. We held the first few at Central Park, and have since moved around to St John’s Park – and this week we will be at Vimy Ridge Park. I helped out by designing this little image for them, but there have been tons of us helping – typing, poster making, postering, drumming, singing, asking for helpers, asking for prizes, dancers. As you can imagine, it takes a whole village to stop violence and i am happy to support this initiative as best I can! Check out the FB PAGE (fb.com/AllGoodInTheHoodWPG), and the Twitter account (@AllGinDAhoodWPG) while you are at it!

ayo black dot

AYO! Aboriginal Youth Opportunities
AYO! has been around since 2010 and is committed to sharing our experiences with young people so they know and understand that we can use our strengths abilities and our own gifts to start helping and making a difference in the lives of the people around us. It is this team of people I work with to support the above initiatives as well as many many more. This is the team of people who are unafraid to tell me when I am crazy and support me when taking a stand. It is an honour to continue this work.




What do YOU think?!

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