Many people express a desire to get involved in a lot of the shenanigans myself and AYO find ourselves getting involved in. Please check out the below information to see some OPPORTUNITIES this week that are free and fun for the whole family!

Events this week


Winnipeg Water Wednesday – join the movement at Memorial Park fountain Wednesday’s at 5:30pm. We talk about issues that are important to us as Winnipeggers such as Shoal Lake, Lake Winnipeg and more!

silence poster

MM@BT Silence Is Violence – This week we are hitting the streets at Meet Me at the Bell Tower. All people are invited to come join us we address the theme of SILENCE IS VIOLENCE. We will be sharing our songs, drums, and medicines (sage, sweetgrass, tobacco, cedar etc.) with the world and invite our neighbours to come along with us.


Politix Brain Storm with Robert Falcon-Oulette – this is our final Mayor Brain Storm Session with Robert Falcon-Oulette. Young Winnipeggers are invited to come to Neechi Commons on Saturday at 12 noon! We will also post the notes on the meeting HERE, as well as ask him a SPEED ROUND where he can honestly and concisely answer some questions for us. We will be beginning our BS with Mynarksi candidates very soon!



Stranger Danger Series

Check out all 4 parts of the STRANGER DANGER series put together by Meet Me @ the Bell Tower in response to our children being approached by strangers. We made these 4 POSTS and may have more posters coming soon.

PART 1 – Rough Notes

PART 2 – Stranger Danger for Kids

PART 3 – Stranger Danger for Parents

PART 4 – Stranger Danger for Community

agith logo 1

All Good In The Hood – Next Round Dance AUGUST 7th, 2014

The next round dance is set to take place in LORD SELKIRK PARK, also known as The Developments, also known as “The D”. You can search Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre as a reference point, the street address is 510 King Street. Join us in building community, getting to know your neighbour, and stopping violence.


What do YOU think?!

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