TEACHINGZ (Youth Helping Youth)

Imagine if people on Faceboook used the social network to help share knowledge with one another to rebuild our nations and communities. Actually, don’t imagine, because it is real. Check out the below details and check out TEACHINGZ (Youth Helping Youth) – an initiative that is going to help make our social media experiences a lot more enlightened. Shout out to the  leadership of my friend Dale and if you are a youth interesting in being a part….send us a request!


The concept: You video blog and log in your teaching of what you know for any subject that will benefit the whole youth indigenous community. So how to work this group: Invite motivational speakers and teachers. I encourage adding elders to guide us and try our best to keep out negative replies ideas assumptions. That can hurt the teachings.

# 1 rule – all video blogs are teachings (advise using video of you discussing the quote or meaning or certain lyrics or news headlines you find, But using your temple to share it So it’s not just words we read but seeing a conscious person say it.)

-positive teachings and just interesting topics of our history and culture. Our beliefs and adopted teachings. Everything is sacred. And if all these teachings can come from many places across turtle land. Just imagine the progress In learning. As we would be using video as we all have different ways of learning.

3 different teaching methods
– Tell someone something and they remember 25 % of what they heard (teach)
– Tell and show them and they remember 40%(train)
– Tell,show and have them participate in an exercise and they remember 70% (facilitate)
– Have them teach the topic and they remember 95%

Some teachers can: sing their traditional songs, teach language, testify, connect the dots, promote sobriety, be a comedian and just basically share what you have to offer and be a role model to the rest of the youth. Never invite ego and always promote the positive and. Richness we have. This is where we can learn from one another, just youth mentoring youth. Each video blog post would have its own roots and discussions within the comment section. We have similar fb pages of sharing knowledge. But is would be strictly a video blog page and each video blog can have its teaching to share.


Please share this idea and page with like minded individuals. In no would I want to have negative afflictions occur. From the beliefs and obviously historic colonization conditioning. This is just a page to express yourself and have access to like minded individuals


What do YOU think?!

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