Homelessness in Winnipeg: Let’s End This


Where will I get my next meal? Where will I sleep tonight? For 3,000 Winnipeggers every night those questions bill burn a hole into their empty wallets and empty bellies as they struggle to fill one of the 400 spaces available at the Salvation Army. There are only 2 youth shelters in the City, and only one that allows youth a safe place to be without having the involvement of the child welfare system (16 spots). We as a community must do more to address these issues.

The Sleepout 2014

So far, we have fund raised close to $90,000 towards our $200,000 fundraising goal. AYO will be participating for our 3rd time, raising awareness, live tweeting as long as batteries allow (#ceosleepout) and talking with business and community leaders about what we can do to stop it. Some mayoral candidates will also be there, and we know that while 3 of the candidates (Paula, Judy, Brian) are participants of the sleep out and believe we can work to end homelessness in Winnipeg by 2024 according to the United Way Plan. I know that both David Sanders and Robert Falcon Oulette agree that we can never “end” homelessness due to a variety of reasons (you can hear some of their responses in the AYO Politix Speed Rounds on our Soundcloud account). Do you believe we can END HOMELESSNESS in Winnipeg?

Donate Now

If you wanna help by donating to this cause, I am encouraging my friends and family to donate to Althea Guiboche. I wanna say thanks to the folks at MGEU for making a donation to the sleepout on AYO’s behalf earlier in the campaign. Check out this link to donate, see/share the poster below and don’t forget to share your ideas and more importantly be willing to lend a hand up to Winnipeg’s homeless. We are only 8 days away folks, let’s get to work!



2 thoughts on “Homelessness in Winnipeg: Let’s End This

  1. I’m joining the sleep-out, even though I’m not a CEO. We belong to the wealthiest society in world history. We shouldn’t tolerate homelessness. Thanks to Michael for drawing attention to the sleep-out. Please donate.

    1. Thanks for planning on coming out to the sleepout man. I hope more people follow your example. Some people think we can’t end homelessness, but I still want us to work to help those who want to be helped!

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