#OurVoicesTogether Youth Conference in Pimicikimak (& Social Media Contest)

I am excited to announce that I have been invited to the 2014 Pimicikimak Youth Conference taking place Wednesday September 17th-Friday September 19th, at the Otter Nelson River School for young people from grades 8-12! I am honoured to appear alongside Wab Kinew, Fresh IE, Colby Tootoosis, Teen Talk and of course the amazing youth leaders of Pimicikimak.



I will be sharing a presentation with students of Cross Lake that encourages them to take actions on issues that affect them as young people. I understand Cross Lake/Pimicikimak has a very high youth population, so I want to share examples of what we have done with AYO! locally here in Winnipeg’s North End to create a community of learners and leaders to support each other in positive choices. I will also be sharing the example of our weekly action, Meet Me at the Bell Tower that allows our entire community an opportunity to listen to young people every week and talk about what we can do to PREVENT negative things from happening.


There are 3 steps to get involved in this process for Cross Lake Students grades 8-12. All of the things must be positive and uplifting and encouraging and thought provoking!


Check out the Our Voices Together Conference online
facebook https://www.facebook.com/ourvoicestogether
& instagram https://www.instagram.com/ourvoicestogether


Post positive messages and videos using the hashtags #Ourvoicestogether14 & #back2schoolchallenge


Bonus entries will be given to people who share the posters on their blogs and instagrams and facebook pages!


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