Responding to Violence


Yesterday at 9:45pm, me and a female friend were walking down Selkirk ave when 2 guys (1 native & 1 caucasian) approached us after getting off the bus. As we walked towards 99cent pizza they first began taunting and then ran up behind the two of us. They didn’t take anything from us and were not known to us but as we tried getting away IDs were dropped. I went to scoop them up but one of the guys kicked me right in the mouth.

As my face gushed, my friend and I tried approaching one store, who got freaked out (I assume by my bloody face) and wouldn’t let us inside. We faced our attackers for another brief moment before crossing the street where the folks at Robins Donuts really helped and called my family to pick me up. The individuals lingered outside breifly and then dissappeared down Flora Ave. It was a beautiful example of community coming together and supporting someone who needed help. I’d like to send out a big EKOSI to the community and customers at Robin’s Donuts who helped us out last night.

What now?

The authorities have been notified and no one was seriously hurt. Know we both escaped with only my fat lip to show for it. If you live in the area I mentioned plese watcj yourself and your family when out at night. Travel in pairs and always be alert to your surroundings – that means don’t have both headphones in when walking kids. Also, lets remember we can’t solve violence with more violence. I believe the next step is for us to answer ‘what can we do stop street violence?’ & ‘what do we do when we are confronted with violence, as a victim or a passerby?’. This was a small situation, a random act of violence that reminds me of what an uphill battle we are waging. Am i mad at the guys who did this? Yes, and I wish there was a mechanism of restorative justice in place so we could deal with this in a blanced way where people learn. I am going to respond to this violence the same way I have in the past … with LOVE.

I love the North End and most of the people in it. It is my home it is where i feel comfortable and its the place im gonna work with until its safe. This incident sucks but I am committed to learning from it & I hope you will join me  in role modelling the solution by walking in peace. The only people who are successful in life are the people who don’t quit until they win. I’m not stopping; there’s too much work to do and too much love to give.  If you agree with me, tomorrow, Meet Me at the Bell Tower.

Love and Courage fam,



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10 thoughts on “Responding to Violence

  1. Love always wins but sometimes the way seems long. May you keep your spirit strong and be surrounded by love and care. ❤ I know you are.

  2. Michael, you keep on raising the bar on being the best example of humanity. May you not have another moment of violence. Wishing you support, the deep kowledge that you are loved, and setting a valuable example to the community

  3. Not very many people seem to “get” the North End like you do. Please keep spreading the word and help those who don’t understand see what the North End REALLY is all about.
    This is a great story. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Good on you for turning a negative into a positive. Personally, these scum bags should be beat down and taught a lesson for causing harm to innocent citizens.

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