MC Unstoppable [Responding to Violence Part 2]


I recently asked our community to come together in love to celebrate as the Bell Tower Family surpassed the 3rd year of our Friday night peace rallies. Over 200 people came out from all over Winnipeg and the world (Australia, Zambia, Steinbach & New Zealand to name a few!) to ring the bell and march alongside inner city indigenous young people and support their vision for a safer community.


What Comes Next
You may wonder what did we hope to accomplish with this gathering, especially considering the recent events that were described in Responding to Violence (part 1). We wanted a public demonstration of how much people in our community believe that our example can be powerful in stopping violence and creating peace. We as a community have been calling for a few items, including but not limited to:
– more supports for young men by young men
– a more adequate response from police when street violence occurs
– clarity on what community members can do when they are a bystander
– advocating for self defense training
– safety measures including walking in groups, being aware of surroundings and more
These actions are going to become part of the ongoing work we have already been doing in supporting our community members. I want to acknowledge all of the initiatives that are part of the Bell Tower family: All Good In The Hood, Fearless R2W, Got Bannock, Drag the Red and North End Opportunity Network. It is my hope that we can organize ourselves quickly and efficiently to assemble the village to address our many challenges. You are all invited to be a part of the solution.

I want everyone to know that I am healing and am physically and mentally surrounded by so much support it is over whelming. If you want to help shoot me an email at MC [at] ayomovement [dot] com.

More to come fam, love and respect



Responding To Violence Series: In November 2015, I was assaulted just one block away from where Meet Me at the Bell Tower gathers weekly to stop this type of violence. In this 3 Part series I detail my immediate reaction, a clarification statement that I am not deterred in building a more peaceful community and finally a challenge to the city to measure the good and focus on unity.

Part One: “Responding to Violence”

Part Two: “MC Unstoppable”

Part Three: “Winnipeg United”


What do YOU think?!

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