Ramblings of a Sick MC


I took a break from meet me at the Bell Tower this past Friday, and the members of AYO leadership team and the members of the bell tower family did a great job without me. It got me to thinking about the six or seven times in the last 3 years that I have actually missed the bell tower and I asked myself the reasons why: Physical illness, family emergency, being out of town, having an opportunity to network elsewhere on behalf of the village. This past Friday was different because I made the deliberate choice for my mental well being, to rest. I recognized that I wasn’t feeling like myself, I asked for help and then I accepted that help.

Then, on Saturday, after our Brain Storm with Manitoba Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari I went to wish my big sister Staci a happy birthday at Karaoke. Of course a Karaoke bday wouldn’t be a Karaoke B- Day without MC picking up the mike and serenading my sis with two lovely songs:
– The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
– Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen


Perhaps I felt the sickness approaching – The fever, the coughing & the aching body. Because today, I don’t get to choose. I am ill and must stay home and rest. Our bodies can only take so much punishment before they shut down. My recent loss of voice,  mental stress and now this flu-like illness have been warnimg signs for me to slow down, eat better, stay hydrated and yes….rest.

I don’t own a TV, so my Monday will be filled with books, e-mail responses & Neo-Citran. More than any of those activities though, I am excited to write. To search my muddled mind, reorganize my thoughts, throw my thinking onto paper and challenge myself to present those thoughts to you will be my heart action. My body action: eat, hydrate and rest.

Talk soon



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