RESOLVE: Inner City Voices

Yesterday was a very inspiring show on Inner City Voices for me. I didn’t mean to, but the folks I spoke with seemed to exemplify some solutions our city could learn from to move forward.


I am grateful that this conversation is upon us & I want to remember in my own actions and words that ATTENTION GIVES POWER. So I want to put my attention on examples of the resolve people in our city have to address our shared challenges through leading by example. Listen to the show by clicking here.

Riley & Mental Health
Our first segment highlights a student who believes we need more mental health counselors on campus at the University of Winnipeg.

Raven & Leadership in politics
Raven Michelle recently attended Youth Parliament of Manitoba winter session and shares her experience and also the topic of her maiden speech inside the Manitoba Legislative Building: her own story & addressing missing & murdered Indigenous women as a community.

Chris & Commitment
Christopher Clacio shares his thoughts on how we can overcome racism. He is also an example of resolve in terms of his level of commitment to understanding are municipal system and reaching out and learning with our urban indigenous youth community.

Stop the Violence Crew
The last segment highlights a group of young Indigenous men who believe their example can inspire others to stop violence and to take care of their families. They’ve committed to coming to Meet Me at the Bell Tower & are looking for helpers.


Listen to the entire show here:

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What do YOU think?!

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