RESOLVE: Got Bannock Celebrates 2 Years

There are many examples in our city of people who demonstrate an iron resolve and a commitment to their vision. In our North End Community, we have many including Winnipeg’s own Bannock Lady Althea Guiboche, who this Sunday will celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the ‘Got Bannock?’ Movement.


Sundays at 3pm, those in our community who are hungry can head over to Dufferin & Main to receive a warm meal, some laughter & an opportunity to be acknowledged as a valuable part of our community. Since January 2013, Got Bannock? Has regularly brought the Bannock to our relatives who are hungry or struggling on the street. You can learn the story of Got Bannock? from Althea directly who in 2014 gave the below speech at TEDxManitoba (& recieved a standing ovation):

Got Bannock?  In Honour of the Village We Once Had by Althea  Guiboche

“We need to realize this is not a choice; poverty and homelessness are the direct outcome of the system not providing enough for basic needs to be met.” – Althea Guiboche

Anyone interested in helping Althea/Got Bannock? In preparing for the celebration can send her an email at ohmyguiboche [at] gmail [dot] com. You could also sinply show up to help prepare lunch at 11am at North Centennial 90 Sinclair or you can check out the Got Bannock? FB Page here:


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