RESOLVE: “Connecting A Culture” by Megan Dudeck

In late 2014 I was interviewed by post secondary student and soon to be author of Connecting A Culture Megan Dudeck whose book is about to launch in March of 2015. It was a fun experience, and an honour to be selected to be profiled – I have a bit of resolve myself in trying to use opportunities such as this to educate others and share positive elements of my example with others – in this case the target audience is Manitoba’s Aboriginal youth. I invited her to come into the studio at CKUW for one of the recordings of Inner City Voices. She is about to launch this book, which is a collection of profiles of Winnipeg Indigenous leaders, in early March at Neechi Commons. She hopes this book will be used as an inspirational tool for Aboriginal Youth, and all Manitobans alike.


“Connecting A Culture”

“Connecting a Culture” is a series of profiles written about the inspirational life stories of Aboriginal people in Manitoba.

Profiles include:

  • Sheila North Wilson
  • Robert Falcon Ouellette
  • Michael Redhead Champagne
  • Jacquie Bercier
  • Ashley Richard
  • Sonya Ballantyne
  • Jeremie and Janelle Wookey

“Connecting a Culture” is meant to be an inspirational tool for all Aboriginal youth in Manitoba. A book launch will be held in the restaurant in Neechi Commons. Please stop by at 2 pm on Sunday, March 8th to hear a reading from “Connecting a Culture” and a slice of bannock, or purchase something off Neechi’s delicious menu.

Official Website:

Facebook Event:

Instagram Account:

Hope to See you all March 8th 🙂


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