RESOLVE: Meet Me @ the Bell Tower

I began this week with a commitment to showcase through my writing the many examples of RESOLVE we have in our community. For my final piece this week, I feel like I must highlight the group that has done so much to inspire my own resolve over the last number of years. That’s right, Meet Me @ the Bell Tower which began in November 2011 has for the past 3+ years has gathered community together in an outdoor and public environment – in a space where we lead by example to stop violence and to listen to the voices of our youth.


This Friday we meet (it’s our fifth calendar year) at 6pm at Selkirk & Powers and return to one of our fundamental values: LISTENING TO OUR YOUTH. You’re invited to become a part of this weekly rally that has some important messages to share with the world. It takes A village to raise a child. Your example is your light. Resolve means not stopping when the pain stops, it means your actions continue to prevent future pain – to create the opposite. Bell Tower may have begun to stop violence, as somewhat of a reaction. But the last few years have demonstrated to me that the most powerful example come when people talk about what they believe in – not what they stand against. Meet Me @ the Bell Tower creates strong families. Ekosi to the entire Bell Tower Family, AYO Leadership Team and the entire North End community and beyond for their support.
See you all tonight for our event entitled simply “Listening to our Youth”


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