Calling Our Youth! Support the Circle of Life Thunderbird House

Dear Youth of Winnipeg

I was recently very inspired by the way our young people came together, over 900 of us, to send a strong message that we believe we can be a united community that celebrates our differences. Some of you may know, that I recently joined the board of the Circle of Life Thunderbird House. This is a place where many urban Indigenous youth who I know today first had opportunity to sit in ceremony, listen to our elders and feel like they are truly part of the circle. Now the Thunderbird House needs our help. they are asking you, the youth, what you need from that sacred place. If you have ever been there, learned something, or have wanted to help – all young people are invited. Please help spread the word and let’s come together to support one of the gathering places in our community where Indigenous youth can begin to find their identity.


Thunderbird House Youth Meeting
Thursday March 5th @ 4pm
Circle of Life Thunderbird House – 715 Main Street

Event Description

  • Are you a young person who has benefited from participating in ceremonies or other activities at The Circle of Life Thunderbird House?
  • Do you believe youth should have more opportunities to learn and share teachings & other parts of our culture?
  • Do you love Thunderbird House?

If you said yes, you’re invited to join TBH as we create a youth committee to help provide direction for future opportunities! All young people are welcome in the circle!


What do YOU think?!

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