VIDEO: MC Keynotes United Way of Winnipeg Celebration 2014


In January, I was honoured to provide a keynote speech to a couple hundred individuals at the United Way of Winnipeg Celebration 2014. Check out the below video that summarizes my 20 minute rant in 3 minutes:

I am happy this video captured two critical focusses of my speech

  • CHALLENGE: I was able to challenge all groups involved to follow the example of NECRC (North End Community Renewal Corporation) and include YOUTH as directors on their boards – allowing youth perspective to help guide the development of the organization as well as ensuring sustainability of those orgs into the future.
  • MEDICINE WHEEL: I am firm believer that indigenous knowledge must be protected and respected, and this is only possible when it is applicable and accessible – I highlighted the 4 parts of the medicine wheel when it comes to how I see Winnipeg moving forward.

It was also fun, because at the end of the talk, I was joined onstage to announce that United Way of Winnipeg had been successful in reaching their 2014 goal of 20.4 Million dollars. congrats UWW, I look forward to continuing my volunteer work with them on the Aboriginal Relations Council and Speakers Bureau as well as connecting through AYO’s tenancy at the Innovation Centre on the Main Floor of United Way’s Main Street building.



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