MC to Appear at #CountMeInLive in Toronto April 14/15

That’s right, MC is all set to appear tomorrow at the Count Me In Live Global Broadcast. You Can watch the broadcast live by CLICKING HERE. Shout out to Shane Feldman and the entire crew organizing CMI this year, and especially shout out to the other motivators and helpers who are gonna be on stage.


For me, it was an honour to spend today, Mon April 13th, travelling to Toronto to get ready for tomorrow. Thanks to Angie and the whole POP Team for getting me going at 5am this morning – and for all they do to make these types of opportunities possible. I am honoured to spend my day of birth preparing for this endeavour of Count Me In – it is a place where I can share our North End example of SHARE YOUR GIFT and I can tell the story of ho we can overcome hopelessness with our examples and become heroes.


Please join us online by following #CountMeInLIVE on social media, or blick the link below to watch the live broadcast tomorrow morning!

Talk to you soon world,



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