Reform VS. Revolution

reform vs revolution feather

There are two types of activists out there; those who believe we can make changes to the system to help the people, and those who want to blow up the system. Often time these types of individuals clash, and are accused of being “bought out” or that their actions benefit only themselves and not the people they claim to serve. Often the accusers are members of our own community who believe that the system is evil and must be destroyed immediately, relating all people associated to maintaining the current system as evil as well. I believe the system is evil, but we are only going to make changes if we employ every available resource/person at every available time, from now until the near future. We have a common reason to work together; the well being of children in our communities (see the word of my brother Lenard on this very topic We need everyone.


A Reformer is someone who believes that our current system(s) are very much flawed and want to make constant, small changes to how things operate and how decisions are made. They seem to believe that there is a necessity to maintaining some type of a system throughout the transition period and often try to “make change from the inside”. Reformers believe in making small incremental changes over a long period of time to attain their outcomes.


A Revolutionist is someone who believes that our current system is so flawed it must be destroyed immediately and the people must decide what is to be its’ replacement. They believe there is no value in maintaining the current system through a transition. Revolutionists believe sudden, drastic changes are required to achieve desired outcomes.

Moving forward, I believe that we need all types to come forward and share their gift, including revolutionists and reformers. We can all agree that children in Manitoba need our help.  Do we need people on the outside of the legislative building calling for the radical overhaul of CFS? Absolutely. Do we also need people in the mean time to provide care for the 10,000+ kids currently in care? Absolutely.  We need both. This is responsibility based leadership. Part of how we hope the village operates will include both dramatic changes to the parts of the systems that are most harmful as well as sustained operations in the area of child protection, safety and health care to name a few areas. That is why now is the time for us to be working with our elders, and our community members to learn about the teachings in our communities and what we can each do to share our gifts with the world. We need all of you.


What do YOU think?!

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