The Time Is Now: Supporting The Thunderbird House

The health of the Circle of Life Thunderbird House is a direct reflection of the health of Winnipeg’s urban indigenous population. If the Thunderbird is struggling, so are we. I would like to take a moment to encourage those of you who have been a part of events, committees, or ceremony at the Thunderbird House to help us move into the fall in an organized manner. We need our whole community to be healthy, and I know from many stories that have been shared with me, as well as my own, what value this place has in the lives, hearts and spirits of our village.

I remember when you were just an empty lot…but now you have become so much to so many. A place of peace for those besieged because of who they are, a place of learning for young people when they want to connect. You have been invaluable to my own spiritual learning, the ceremonies, the responsibilities and the opportunities to welcome travelers, receive and send them off in a good way. – MC, Dear Thunderbird 2014

You can support the Circle of Life Thunderbird House in several very real ways that will help our urban indigenous community as we reach for and successfully attain stability for the Thunderbird House, a place of Indigenous spirituality, a place of learning for all nations to love, share and heal. We have groups in our community like Got Bannock, Meet Me @ the Bell Tower, Bear Clan and Drag the Red who are leading by example to make our communities and families stronger and safer places. I believe that the way forward for all of us includes a space where we can learn, laugh and heal together.

There are 5 simple ways you can support the Thunderbird House

  1. Attend the Community Pipe Ceremony August 16th – More details available by clicking here
    tbh aug 16 pipe ceremony
  2. Enter the Instagram Contest, follow them at @ThunderBirdWPG
    tbh insta contest tbhwpg
  3. Send an email to info [at] thunderbirdhouse [dot] com to sign up for the launch of our volunteer program, coming first week of September.
  4. Donate to our online crowdfunding effort on @gofundme here:
    tbh gofundme
  5. Book your next event at the Thunderbird House! We would like to generate as much dollars through venue rentals as possible.

I look forward to connecting with our community members in Winnipeg and beyond to build creative plans to support the Thunderbird House, and at the same time support the spiritual health and well being of some of our relatives who need it the most. With TRC Reports, Freedom Roads and Indigenous Children at the forefront of Canadians’ attention, the time is now to take action.




What do YOU think?!

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