ANTI BULLY – Getting Ready for Back to School

I remember when I was in elementary school, and learned that there were opposites to the negative parts of life; I was excited. I first learned about opposites and understood it to mean two things could be directly opposed to, and totally reversed in intention/purpose to one another yet often need that opponent and in co-existing with this other, a sort of balance is created. Bullying & violence were regular fears and so naturally I applied this newfound knowledge in those places first. I put Anti in front of the negative situation. Anti violence, that means pro peace. And Anti Bullying, well that’s being a nice person, a helper. It was a lesson I learned when I was very young, but it taught be how to be a helper,  or what I’m calling ANTI BULLY!


I have previously shared actions that students can take in their schools to combat bullying proactively by being positive, confident and volunteering – all of which help make hallways and classrooms safer places! Find below a list of activities you can take into your first day of school to improve your self esteem & the self esteem of your classmates:

– You can create a student club around an interest of your choice.
– You can launch an anti-bullying across the whole school.
– You can find a way to make deliberate (not random) acts of kindness a regular part of your daily activities.
– You can sit with the kid who eats lunch by themselves.
– You can ask for help when you need it to show your peers that it’s OK to do that.
– You can encourage your friends to ask for help when they are being bullied.

For the next six weeks I will expand in more detail on the above tips, and include any helpful examples or resources I find along the way. Be an ANTI BULLY – a helper who leads with your example to make our schools safe.


PS – check out this article I wrote before called “ANTI BULLY: the Secret Weapon is You”

PPS – what is the opposite of “Bully”?


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