There are many times when we will recognize that our friends, classmates & teachers need a little bit of help before they do. Communication, specifically expressing out loud to people what you yourself need, is a difficult thing for many of us to do ourselves. We can all learn to recognize what it looks like in other people when they need help and help them. It comes down to treating others how you how you would like to be treated.

If You See Someone Who Needs Help

If you notice that someone in your school/class needs help and isn’t asking for it, you have a few options. First, in a non threatening manner, ask them if they do in fact need help. They could be struggling with school work, some sport, or participating in extra curricular activities so what they need in terms of actual help will vary in each situation. Be observant, watch for people’s body language. If you do recieve confirmation that the person actually does need help, help them! This could mean asking a teacher a question on their behalf, hanging out with them during break or sharing some of your knowledge with them. For me, it often meant when people saw me picking up garbage outside – they would often simply start helping me pick the garbage up til it was gone. Another & even more simple way to support is to listen to what’s on their mind. It’s important that they know it’s okay to ask for and recieve help as well all need help at some point.

Opposite of Bully: HERO


When this series began, I started by talking about opposites. I find it helpful when you identify a challenge, to identify and work towards its’ opposite. That’s where the term anti-bully comes from – I do realize that the term anti-bully is a deficit based phrase, and have been asking folks what they would use to replace it. Instead of trying to be the opposite of a bully, you can focus on being heroic. Be a hero by encouraging your friends to reach out and ask for help.

In the picture: this past summer, we had Water Wednesdays in August, our summer activity that focusses on learning about and taking action on protecting water sources. We connected with Rick, who brought his daughter to our event and asked us for our help at the Winnipeg Water Walk to take place in September. This is a picture of what asking for help looks like – and I’m happy to report that the #wpgwaterwalk had about 1,000 people show up and also had a really cool emcee/megaphoner.


What do YOU think?!

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