In Your Words: Dear CEOs…

I recently asked my social media network to share their thoughts with the CEO Sleepout participants. Find below the verbatim quotes that I got from Facebook, as well as links to the twitter/instagram posts. Please check us out online tonight at #CEOSleepOut, or better yet, come down to Portage and MAin (former TD Building) to talk with the CEO’s yourself.

mc ceo fb

This is more a preventing-homelessness idea. One thing that would help is if we could get the minimum wage raised to a living wage. I would like to see all those CEOs and leaders publicly support that. / Latest Wpg estimates for this are from 2013. For 2-parents working full time, with 2 kids the living wage they would each need to make was ~$14; for a single parent working full time with only 1 child, a living wage – 2 years ago – was ~$17. On Oct. 1 the minimum wage increases… to only $11.…/Living_Wage_2013.pdf
Recognize the need for more mental health care and easily-accessible supports for ppl, especially marginalized ppl.
Support rent geared to income housing and support to indigenous led community solutions, and…justice not charity.
 I think the need to understand the different kinds of people who are homeless and why, and what their different needs are.
There needs to be a kind of triage to separate out people who are homeless and why.
There are people who are going to be helped by jobs, and those who are not.
There are people who are housing insecure, there are parents caring for children who have high costs and limited means, but there are also people with disabilities, mental health issues and seniors whose ability to work will be limited.
They should also consider “test projects” – in housing, jobs, and guaranteed minimum income pilot projects.
If I could send a message to CEOs about how to end homelessness, I’d tell them to stop exploiting people, to stop driving down wages and destroying unions, to stop funding election campaigns for horrible politicians and to stop making the global economy a total mess. Those things would help reduce homelessness.

mc insta

I would tell them to actually talk with homeless people… Engage and get out of their ivory towers and consult with those who live this reality everyday and who actively access all of the (underfunded) services, not just playing pretend during one sleep-out every year.
From my experience with the homeless I suggest they spend quality moments with them, cause in those moments you get to know them and capture their True reality, they have great stories to share, they are rich with heart and spirit , they are real and genuine kind people , love them heart emoticon
I would say, increase welfare rate along with the rent allowances, build more low income housing, increase the # of warm food outreach services, decrease criminalizing the homeless, increase shelter bed #’s, increase all the pertinent/existing programs, and start figuring out how to give our children the social skills necessary to prevent homelessness from happening
With over 450 types of mental illness with a high percentage of our homeless suffering from, are there any real thoughts and/ or plans of action to help the many who suffer? I also agree with so many of the above comments.

 mc ceo twitter q

 #CEOSleepOut at Portage and Main. Raising awareness and money to support homeless… but how one day a year will end poverty and homeless?
The city need to focus on homelessness and addiction. Winnipeg have many homelessness with significant issues, 
 It’s simply to raise awareness and this itself does raise awareness because you can see we are having an open discussion about it 🙂
I would ask if they think the money is being spent effectively in our community to address and prevent homelessness. I would immediately also raise the question as to what they would or could do with that very same budget.
find a patch of nice land and build some tiny homes…let the homeless make their own rules about taking care of it…it has worked in some places in the states.
Homelessness will always be an issue its how we deal with that issue that makes it less and less prevalent
My question would be would you give half your salary to make homeless situation in our city better ?
I have removed all of the identifying information from the Facebook posts, and separated them by quotes, please let me know if you want your comment removed!
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