MC Selected as 1 of 7 To Sit on Bank of Canada Advisory Council #BankNOTEable

I am happy to announce that I have been selected as 1 of 7 people in Canada to sit on an Advisory Council for the Bank of Canada in their recently announced endeavour to select an iconic Canadian Woman to appear on a new Canadian banknote!

Rembrandt style portrait of girl.
Help us select an iconic Canadian woman to appear on Canada’s new money!

This #banknoteable initiative is the reason I am in Ottawa right now and am happy to share I will be part of an advisory committee that is intended to represent the diversity of Canada. I will be travelling to Ottawa several times in the coming months to meet with the committee as well as be supported by an Expert Panel that will give us specific details as required.

We Need Your Help!

The Bank of Canada (and the Advisory Team I am sitting on) needs YOUR help to decide which woman will make it on to the money. There are only 2 pieces of criteria to nominate someone:

  • They are a Canadian (by birth or naturalization) who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, achievement or distinction in any field, benefiting the people of Canada, or in the service of Canada.
  • They have been deceased for at least 25 years.

That’s it! Next step is go to to fill out the online nomination form. We are only accepting submissions until April 15th, so make sure you  get your nomination in as soon as possible. Then, send out a tweet using our hashtag #bankNOTEable and encourage your family, friends and social networks to do the same.

This is the big surprise I have been telling folks about, and I am happy to announce my participation on the advisory panel and also encourage all of you to apply as well. Take a look at the below infographic to explain a little bit more about this process:


It was fun announcing my Ottawa shenanigans online as I received some very interesting guesses as to why I was in Ottawa. Sadly, I am not running for office, and haven’t been appointed as any type of fancy senator or any of those things – but I am a part of this initiative and would love it if everyone reading this became a part of the journey as well.

Official release here:


One thought on “MC Selected as 1 of 7 To Sit on Bank of Canada Advisory Council #BankNOTEable

  1. Kchi Miigwech Michael for stepping up and continually bringing HOPE to those of us on the front line. Grassroots work rarely gets true recognition, you’ve helped to bring appreciation to the hard work of many Ekosi, Whe’lain, Masi Cho great thanks to you for all you share with commUNITY!!

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