4 Events You Don’t Want To Miss

Have you been looking for ways to get involved in the community but weren’t sure how to do it? Here are 4 upcoming events that require people to support with their attendance, by volunteering at the event, spreading the word creatively and bringing appropriate gifts/resources. Please join us as we reach out to our relatives across neighbourhoods, lifestyles, cultures and celebrate and amplify the good.

4444 (1).png

Bell Tower Welcomes Back the Muslim & Newcomer Communities (Oct 14th)

Last year we hosted several Welcome events including one for the newcomer and Muslim communities. On Friday October 14th, jon the BNell Tower family as we WELCOME BACK our relatives from the Newcomer and Muslim communities. Join the festivities as we share stories of successes and challenges, ways we can work together and of course food (including Somalian chicken stew, bannock, samosas, lentils, salad and more!). Shout out to the partners AYO!, Spence Neighbourhood Association, Islamic Social Services Agency, Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization, Immigrant Partnership Winnipeg and 1JustCity.

4th Annual Midnight Medicine Walk (Oct 14th – Oct 15th)

Join us for the 4th Annual Midnight Medicine Walk that convenes annually in the fall to call attention to the issue of sexual exploitation in our community and providing an opportunity to reach out to our relatives on the street when they are there. This year we meet at the North End Bell Tower and share medicines with our relatives, inviting drum carriers and individuals to bring items for hygiene/resource kits for our relatives on the street. If you have any ideas or would like to help please email us at [ info @ ayomovement . com ].

The Village Honours Leslie Spillett (Oct. 21st)

Another function of the Bell Tower is to celebrate and shine a light on individuals in our community who we feel have contributed greatly to what we call the Village. Please join the Bell Tower Family, Red Rising Magazine, Got Bannock, the Bear Clan and many more to honour Leslie Spillett one of the leaders in our community who has led by example and affected so many families in a positive way.

Meet Me at the Bell Tower 5th Birthday (Nov 18th)

Can you believe we have been pro actively coming together to end violence and amplify solutions at the North End Bell Tower and the Indigenous Family centre for almost 5 years!! Save the date, Friday November 18th, we will celebrate 5 years of community building and of course invite members of the bell tower family to share what bell tower has meant for them!

BONUS: Shamattawa Crowdfunding

As of 1pm on Saturday October 8th, 2016 the crowdfunding campaign for long term solutions in Shamattawa stood at $3,659 of our $50,000 goal. I am in the process of connecting with on reserve members and leadership to create and release publicly a plan on how the dollars will be spent. Click here to donate!


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