To A Special Teacher…18 Years Later

In 1998, when I was 11 years old and in Grade 5 – I had an amazing teacher named Ms Holmes. She posted this on my Facebook wall today. She regularly comments and likes my Instagram photos and I am so happy that so many years later, she is still voluntarily in my life. The importance of relationships cannot be understated and saying thank you is something we must always do. Thank you Ms Holmes for reminding me of the relationship that we had – and have. Here is a poem I wrote for her in Grade 5 (with a shout out to Mama Champagne for helping me write it):



Teachers come and teachers go, but no one knows the one I know
She has a glow upon her face, that no one else can replace
She helps me through all my errors and trials, and she makes everything right when she smiles
She’s a walking angel from above, and everyone she meets she gives them love
She helps us to do our very best, and she helps us to come to our final lquest
I hope someday she will get her reward, and the stars will shine with her name on the board
She’s one in a million teachers to know, she makes our lives all a glow
So if you a chance to be in her class, don’t give it up and don’t let it pass
She will teach you all the things to know, she will never stop you when you want to grow
Ms Holmes, this is a special thank you for you, for letting me learn all the things I wanted to do
You’re a specal teacher whom I do love so, you taught me things I didnt know
You helped me to be very smart, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart


What do YOU think?!

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