5 Ways to support Winnipeg’s Urban Indigenous Community

Winnipeg has a thriving Indigenous Community. Today, on Canada Day, I wanted to remind Winnipeggers about 5 Ways you and your ogranization/business can support our Urban Indigenous Community!

5 Ways to support Winnipeg's Urban Indigenous Community.png

  1. Book your next event at Thunderbird House – they are a fantastic venue that support all nations and is a place of healing. Check out their Facebook page for details and the phone number for booking!
  2. Shop at Neechi Commonsrecent difficulties, but still open for business and ready for you to shop there (a longer blog post will explain this before July 12/17)
  3. Attend or volunteer in the village
  4. Speak up when you see racism – are you seeing someone being followed by a security guard, being hassled by a service provider or being treated in a blatant racist fashion in public – speak up. Don’t put yourself in danger, but help if you are able – here are some ways to help.
  5. Educate yourself as much as you can about history of Indigenous peoples – their strengths and struggles. 2 easy online accessible and local resources are Idle No More Manitoba blog, and the Winnipeg Public Library Indigenous section. If you really want to take action check out the monthly calendars on Ground Work For Change!

See you soon, whatever you choose to do with your July 1st!


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