A Better Bridge for Arlington

 The Arlington Bridge. An iconic visual representation of Winnipeg’s North End. With the steep incline on either side and that stomach-in-your-throat moment as you reach the upper level. This bridge is part of the North End’s DNA, originally constructed in 1912 as a way to connect the central and North End neighbourhoods over the CP tracks. Some people said it was rumoured to have come from Egypt to go over The Nile River, but there has been no proof that leads to that. There is an extensive history of the bridge done by Christian Cassidy in various blog posts (here, here, here, here and here!).

Why mention all this? Because the bridge’s time of safe functioning is coming to an end and we are going to be getting a new bridge in the very near future. The City of Winnipeg has begun a consultation process that citizens are being included in, and various opportunities to get involved. There are some changes that will be coming such as the bridge extending over top of Dufferin Avenue as well as allowing buses and emergency vehicles to go on the new bridge (they currently have to use the Salter Bridge or McPhillips to travel between the 2 neighbourhoods). I’d like to encourage all North Enders to take a look at the official website and learn more about the project and get involved where possible. Email them if you have questions, or come out to Meet Me at the Bell Tower in the very near future to learn more about it (stay tuned to MM@BT Facebook page Events here). Find below some of the details and public images they have released:

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The final thing I will share is the below video by Shaw that talks about the myth that it comes from the Nile River. Don’t forget to check out the website and contact them if you have any ideas or want to get involved! Looking forward to the new Arlington Bridge in 2023. We’re currently in the “assessing, evaluating and refining design” stage right now, so we can look forward to updates from members of the project committee, online engagement and information sessions!

[Cover photo is by Christian Cassidy]


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