Darryl Buck Releases New Album of Round Dance Songs HOPE

Darryl Buck first learned how to sing in ceremony. Hailing from Opaskweyak Cree Nation, today Darryl is sharing his love of Round Dance with the world with his new Album called simply, HOPE.

Wanting to share the Cree Culture and language are motivators for Darryl, and he has experienced this first hand leading the All Good in the Hood Round Dance initiatives in inner city parks in Winnipeg. A loving father and community helper, Darryl has composed  11 original tracks featuring a host of other singers and a special guest on the title track (hint: it’s me lol). Darryl and I shared the music with listeners on NCI Radio 95.9fm earlier today and I wanted you all to know you can purchase the album by clicking here!!

See below a word from Darryl himself:

“Tansi, my name is Darryl Buck and I come from Northern Manitoba. I grew up on Mosakahikan and

Opaskwayak cree nations. Growing up in a Cree family has allowed me to have a connection to traditions of
the land, Cree language and ceremonies. All of which has profound impacts in my life in positive ways. It has
given me an understanding of the spiritual aspects to the songs and the drum.
For myself, listening to recordings from drum brothers and CD’s. I started singing and attending round dance’s.
I found a lot of music in the Cree language that were powerful inspiration to hear.
Making all the songs on this album all started out straight. It is only when I feel there is a message that I felt was needed is when the words are put into the music. Everyone has a song that they have. It is up to the person to listen and hear whether they want to or not. Song making is something everyone has. Reach for the stars. Let go of all negativity and doubts. Allow your mind and aspirations to fly. Anything is possible.
I want to shout out to singers that inspired me:
North Buffalo, Whitefish Jrs, Logan Alexis Singers, Youngscouts, Northern Cree, Cree Confederation, Iron
Boy, Midnite Express, Black Bear, Young Spirit, Poundmaker, Eyabay, Young Bear, Manderee, Blackstone, Mystic River, Wildhorse, Battle River, Battle Hill, Redbull, just to name ones that stand out for me.
Special shout outs:
Jason Gordon(Studio 11), Nakoa Heavyrunner (Eaglecalf Studios), Michael Champagne, Magwa Tootoosis, Kyler Crouchene, Amanda Gauthier, Crissy and April Slater.”


What do YOU think?!

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