MC 1 of 7 people appointed to MB Child Welfare Legislative Review Committee

I’m pleased to announce I will be one of seven appointees to a MB Child And Family Services Legislative Review Committee. There will be several forums, an online submission piece and various ways for us to hear from the kids, the families and the community. We will have a report done by March 2018, and so we’re gonna need everyone who can to help us make this report we create meaningful, make sure it affects our families in the best way possible. Let’s get to work, together.

Please take a look at the official government release below:

Families Minister Scott Fielding has assembled a team of seven community leaders and experts that will review child welfare legislation to ensure it supports the government’s proposed reforms to create better outcomes for children.

“We are moving child welfare laws in a new direction that will allow for more community decision-making and planning and greater support for families and children,” said Fielding.  “This comprehensive review will examine existing legislation to find ways we can incorporate initiatives such as early intervention to keep children safely with their families or in their home communities, flexible funding to community agencies and permanency options like customary care.”

The committee will hold its first meeting today.  Andrew Micklefield, MLA for Rossmere, will serve as committee chair.  Micklefield is a father of three who served as principal of The King’s School prior to being elected.  As deputy government house leader and member of the Legislative Assembly Management Committee, he brings experience in legislative review and government planning and priorities, the minister noted.

Read the rest of the release here!!


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