Lets Talk

There has been a huge push in recent years to have the world recognize how important it is for us to work on and pay attention to mental health. I have been advocating on a number of topics that are important to inner city and Indigenous families and to that end, I am pleased to announce my involvement in this years 2018 #BellLetsTalk Campaign!


They have added a host of everyday Canadians to this campaign from coast to coast to coast with the intention of reflecting the diversity that is Canada. As one of 2 people from Manitoba represented in the campaign, I am honoured to speak out and encourage everyone from our province to participate in the campaign this year. I am joined by fellow Manitoban Andi Sharma (watch her TEDxTalk here) and a host of talented youth leaders, helpers and advocates – all of whom have done fantastic work on this topic.

So Bell tells us that they will donate money every time we use the hashtag, or the snapchat filter, so who benefits? It’s different in every province and here in Manitoba we have a fantastic list of organizations that benefit including: Ma Mawi Chi Itata Centre, Canadian Mental Health Association – Winnipeg, MB Schizophrenia Society and Inspire Community Outreach (you can find them all here).

Suicides, addictions and poverty are only some of the challenges our community members are facing. It is important for us to create an environment where our young people feel safe enough to speak up about how they’re feeling, what they need and especially when they need help. This is important in Winnipeg and across Manitoba. We have a responsibility to the little ones in our lives and those that will be born in the future to have this conversation and to take it seriously.

On January 31st, join me in supporting #BellLetsTalk Day so that we can address mental wellness in our communities. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  or Snapchat to participate. There are details on Bells’s website on how to get involved in the campaign as well as 5 simple ways we can address the stigma around mental illness – every week I will rlease a blog post and emphasize these points. this week I want everyone to focus on: LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. As well Meet Me at the Bell Tower will be hosting a special Mental Health Bell Tower on Friday January 26th so we can take this conversation to the streets, and move this talk into action.

Let’s get talking relatives!


What do YOU think?!

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