I am pleased to announce that the Manitoba Child Welfare Legislative Review Committee has submitted its final report to the Manitoba Government entitled “Opportunities to Provide Outcomes for Children and Youth”. You can read the full report and today’s press release here!

It was a very fast process and I know that many people were unsatisfied with how it rolled out and I agree it was a very fast and imperfect process. However I believe the team of helpers that put this together were very knowledgeable and experienced leaders in our community. My favourite feature of the report is how alot of our recommendations are actually reinforcing existing recommendations from reports like TRC and UNDRIP!!

Please let me know once you take a look and how you feel about our recommendations. I want to emphasize that we are not done our work as a committee or you as community. It is now on all of us to ensure the government takes and implements them – cuz we don’t need another report that sits on the shelf.

What do YOU think?!

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