Kids Help Phone announced this morning the results of their text messaging pilot project as well as the plans to roll out the service across Canada! See more from Kids Help Phone’s official announcement HERE. While some may be critical of offering kids help through more screen time, many more believe we must provide services to young people in the most accessible way possible. I know that I regularly have mental health conversations with young people via text and it is many young people’s preferred form of communication in 2018!! Results from the start of the pilot in February 2018-October 2018 the texting service had over 13,000 conversations with kids!! Results show that 86% of kids had reduced stress after their experience & 87% had an improved mood! The best number though, is that a full 81% of kids would recommend this service to a friend, now that’s impressive! I’d like to encourage the youth leaders, educators and helpers in my life to spread the word about this important & potentially life saving service with kids who may need it.

Important Points:

  • Kids across Canada can text “TALK” to 686868 to be connected to a volunteer crisis responder in English. For French, kids can text “TEXTO” to 686868 (same number)
  • This service is free of charge, meaning it won’t eat up the minutes from your data plan
  • This service is available 24 hours a day
  • Volunteers are still needed, especially those who speak French
  • Trained supervisors monitor all text conversations to offer additional support when needed
  • I’m on the KHP Indigenous Advisory Circle, so any feedback around First Nations, Metis or Inuit focused services can be shared with me so I can move ideas forward to improve the services

I wanna say thank you to everyone who has volunteered or worked hard to make this important service available! Looking forward to continuing this work, and want to encourage people to support this initiative in anyway you can, as a donor, a volunteer or simply by telling a young person about this exciting news!

6 thoughts on “Kids Help Phone Launches Texting Service Across Canada

  1. This is perfect! I doubt this would work for me (2nd yr college) but I hated getting those cards from counsellors with numbers, saying I could talk on the phone with someone. It sometimes made me not want to talk to another person since I sometimes cant speak when im crying while breaking down, let alone try to calm down to tell them the issue. I can write or type it while I bawl my eyes out, and I remember getting a text number years ago in highschool from a minister friend and was so helpful. Especially if I need to talk to someone at night, I could text them and not disturb anyone at home unlike how a phone call would.

  2. This is an excellent program. Why has it taken this long? This is an excellent program for indigenous youth, whom we are told are having an epidemic of suicide indeation and attempts … of which far too many are successful. While we cannot put psychological or psychiatric help in every small remote village or settlement, this seems to be an excellent way to stand in the breach and prevent more tragedy.

  3. Is there an age limit? I work with students from 17 up.

    I wouldn’t expect my students in their 50s to use this service, but some of the ones in their 20s might be interested if they are eligible.

    In any case, I’ll ask them to spread the word.


  4. Supported KHP since the beginning.
    Glad to see KHP is keeping up with the technology and finding creative ways to engage with our kids.
    Keep up the great work.

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