If you are like any of us, you have noticed just how many canker worms there are this year & have observed these worms, their webs and the giant holes in leaves and overall damage to trees in our neighbourhoods. I remember walking down the street and marveling at how beautiful the canopies of trees were, so nice and green but now if you take a walk the canopies are gaping, the leaves are super holy & the trees all look quite sick. Take a look at this image taken on Charles street that circles a few of the obvious places where its eaten and empty where beautiful healthy green trees used to be!

What can we do to address the health of our trees? It is a very helpless feeling seeing this happen as someone who loves these trees. Many people have expressed to me that they are ssddened by the state of our trees and are willing to do something about it but are not sure what. Many have even connected this situation with concerns for climate change. A simple google search revealed to me there are a standard 5 ways of addressing canker worms:

  1. Banding trees
  2. Chemical treatments
  3. Naturally occurring bacteria
  4. Horticulture oils
  5. Natural repellants

Would you be willing to help do some of the banding as a helper or volunteer? Do you know a business that would financially support the cost of supplies? I knew there was spraying that happens from the City of Winnipeg for mosquitos, but from their website have just learned they encourage citizens to band trees. They mention the pesticide/chemical options and say we can get those from local hardware stores.

So what do you think?? Want to help? What should our first steps be? If you love trees like I do…let’s do something!

What do YOU think?!

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