Sometimes it feels like the challenges in our lives are piling up, the haters are lining up and our supply of hopefulness is running out. When you get worn down from the challenges that are facing you it is important for you to acknowledge what is happening in your emotions and take appropriate steps to respond in a good way! It could be grief, school, systems, or even your own healing that has you feeling over-barriered. For me, when it feels like there are many people or systems moving these barriers into my path, I am reminded of these awesome mountain goats:

These goats aren’t looking at the mountain before them and saying “it’s too hard, it’s too big”….it seems more like they are saying “this is MY mountain” and “I am built to handle situations like these” and of course “I am a real GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) in dealing with the challenges in my own life!”. I know this is just a picture but if you really look into how Mountain Goats live, they really do love their whole lives in mountainous regions with dangerous slopes that never get any less steep. Yet here they live, here they continue to be and here they raise their families – inviting the next generation to look at what some may see as a barrier and instead use that situation and the details around it to your advantage.

So if you look at the challenges you are facing and see it as a reason to give up….please don’t! Remember the lessons from our relative the Goat. This is your life, you were made for this and you truly are the greatest YOU there ever was!

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