This is part of a series of posts I am writing, open to all Winnipeg North candidates in the 2019 federal elextion #Elxn43

1. Do you live in the riding? Which neighbourhood and for how long?

I grew up on Cathedral near Main from grades 5-11. My family moved when my single mother was able to purchase a home after many years of renting. I moved back onto Cathedral (different address) 12 years ago and started a nonprofit called the North End Family Centre.

2. How have you supported local businesses?

I shop at local Winnipeg North businesses as much as possible. Modern Coffee, Gunn’s Barkery, and Punjab Sweet House being a few examples.

3. How have you supported families who struggle with poverty, child welfare and housing insecurity?

I was the founder and longtime director of the North End Family Centre where we built community with families currently struggling with poverty concerns, child welfare, and housing insecurity on a daily basis. I also sit only many local boards and committees focused on these concerns. Plus, my own family struggled with most of these concerns while I was young.

4. What is your favourite North end landmark?

St. Johns Park. I think it’s an unused park that is currently being upgraded.

5. What is your plan to address climate change?

The NDP has a great plan that can be read at but I really like the parts that mention that we won’t buy any more pipelines and we want to make city buses free and electronic.

6. Do you support restorative justice?


7. How do you believe we can best tackle the trauma crisis & harmful substance use amongst youth?

The federal government needs to fund and follow the lead of local nonprofits, local leaders, and community Elders. Local people know their community best and local solutions. The NDP wants to create a fund to do this.

8. Tell me a joke!

Want to hear a joke about construction? I’m still working on it.

9. Share a photo with me and describe it in 100 words or less!

Being a father is by far my favourite role in life.

10. Why should people vote for you?

I’m the only candidate in Winnipeg North who grew up and still lives in the riding and has spent a career building community and helping families get out of poverty and all of the intersecting concerns.

I’m not a career politician and I haven’t just arrived here for this election.

Having grown up struggling to make ends meet and often facing racism due to my background I understand what many people in Winnipeg North are having to face.

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