Today, Thursday October 10, is recognized as #WorldMentalHealthDay. It got me, and I’m sure many of you, thinking why would we isolate such an important and life saving message to one day? There’s also Mental Health week and month (in May) but I am of the opinion we should be sharing mental health resources with others and attempting to lead by example by taking good care of our own mental health every day!

Above is a fantastic visual resource that shares 10 ways to take care of your own mental health. As I am speaking to audiences, I often discuss different resources youth and educators can access to improve their mental health as they learn, so here are some of those tips/resources:

  1. Write it down: journal or draw your feelings (check out bullet journaling)
  2. Kids Help Phone Texting Support 686868
  3. Manitoba Suicide Prevention Line 1-877-435-7170 & website
  4. Jack dot org Be There website teaches youth how to help youth
  5. In person: participate in community (in Winnipeg at the bell tower & in Ottawa with A7G on Friday nights)
  6. #WeMatter toolkit for Indigenous youth
  7. 211 Manitoba: a website with 250+ community resources

If you know of other resources that work well to support mental health? What is helpful for you? Let me know and I’ll expand my list (originally there were 5)!

Take care & talk to you soon!

What do YOU think?!

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