This is part of a series of posts I am writing, open to all Winnipeg North candidates in the 2019 federal elextion #Elxn43

1. Do you live in the riding? Which neighbourhood and for how long?

I currently live in the Maples but since leaving the military (1985), I have lived in the following communities Weston, Tyndall Park, Garden Grove, Shaughnessy Park and now the Maples.

2. How have you supported local businesses?

I support local businesses whenever I can by purchasing products, touring businesses and when possible promoting in general.

3. How have you supported families who struggle with poverty, child welfare and housing insecurity?

In general through changes to the Canada Child Benefit thousands of children are now better off with many of them in Winnipeg North being lifted out of poverty. For the first time in over 50 years a national Housing Strategy has been released bringing historic amounts of money to support housing. My office also assists in working with constituents in need.

4. What is your favourite North end landmark?

I am very fond of the Arlington bridge as it is very symbolic to me in defining the North End.

5. What is your plan to address climate change?

Supporting a price on pollution and encouraging activities that promote good consumer decisions will go a long way in protecting our environment.

6. Do you support restorative justice?

I support restorative justice.

7. How do you believe we can best tackle the trauma crisis & harmful substance use amongst youth?

Fighting addictions and drug related problems will be best fought when all levels of Governments, nonprofits and other stakeholders work together on ideas that will establish hope and direct actions. That is what I will continue to advocate for.

8. Tell me a joke!

What is red and smells like blue paint??? Red paint

9. Share a photo with me and describe it in 100 words or less!

The picture I have submitted is meant to highlight an award that I received in Ottawa when I was recognized as the hardest working MP. That picture and the article explaining it can be found on my web-site


10. Why should people vote for you?

Experience does matter and can be helpful in dealing with the wide variety of issues many of which are issues that need a strong advocate for.

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