This is part of a series of posts I am writing, open to all Winnipeg North candidates in the 2019 federal election #Elxn43

  1. Do you live in the North End? Which neighbourhood and for how long?

No, but close. My wife and I live in Sargent Park in Winnipeg. We have lived in the city for 15 years.

  1. How have you supported local business?

We shop at Gunn’s, use North End pharmacies, and until a year ago our party met for many years at our former office: 387 Selkirk Ave

  1. How have you supported families who struggle with poverty, child welfare and housing insecurity?

I’ve helped serve meals at Immaculate Conception church, cooked and served at community events at the Ukrainian Labor Temple.

  1. What is your favorite North End landmark?

Joe Zuken Heritage Park – a beautiful space dedicated to a great North End Communist Party City alderman.

  1. What is you plan to address climate change?

Simply imposing carbon taxes in the form of increased fuel prices would impose heavy costs on working people, not on the corporations responsible for over 70% of GHG emissions. A more radical solution is needed: -Cancel all pipeline projects based on expansion of tar sands extraction, and halt all fracking operations.-Phase out nuclear energy and the tar sands operations, and guarantee jobs for energy industry workers in the renewable energy sector and in other sectors of the economy.-Cut military spending by 75%, ending the huge carbon footprint related to deployment of fighter-bomber jets, the naval fleet, and other military purposes. See our Full Campaign Program at

  1. Do you support restorative justice?

Yes. Restorative justice puts the emphasis on healing and reconciliation – while still holding people accountable. Rather than simply punishing people using restorative healing circles is in the traditional Aboriginal ways is based on the community’s participation and consensus.

  1. How do you believe we can best tackle the trauma crisis & harmful substance use amongst youth?

The Communist Party recognizes that just as wealth is passed on through the generations by the rich, poverty and trauma are passed on through the generations by colonialism, genocide , and resulting generational poverty. We require emergency action to improve living conditions, employment, physical & mental health, education, and housing of Indigenous peoples, and to immediately end the racist and discriminatory cap on educational and health funding for treaty First Nations children.

  1. Tell me a joke!

What’s the difference between a lawn mower and a bagpipe? You can tune a lawnmower

  1. Share a photo with me and describe it in 100 words or less!


with spouse Rachel Reesor.jpg

My wife and children are my rock.

  1. Why should people vote for you?

I will fight for you! Our Message is unique in this election because we are demanding fundamental reforms in Indigenous rights, in Climate policy, Social Housing, and a reduced work-week with no loss in pay.

One thought on “10 Questions for Andrew Taylor & Communist

  1. Most people are scared to death of a communist party. A lot of propaganda was shown to us during the ’80s primarily. I have a colleague who grew up in the Soviet Union in Ukraine. He went through the post Soviet communist time and the current democratic system. He says he’d go back tomorrow if communism came back to Ukraine. He used to have an education, job, apartment all provided by the company you worked for. Then he lost it all once the iron curtain fell.He said there was no homelessness, everyone had a job, everyone one got paid almost equally. Chinese communism is corrupted and not what it should be.

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