It’s March 1st 2020 and actions led by Indigenous young people in support of the hereditary chiefs from Wet’suwet’en are happening across the country. This is a beautiful thing to behold as these young people dig their heels in the more people try to tell them they are wrong. Have you taken the time to observe the circumstances these young people are living through as many Canadians express their impatience through the many actions we are seeing right now? Indigenous young people have been feeling very impatient as leadership in many forms ignore them and they have no other choice but to look to traditional teachings to organize themselves today. Here is the best explanation I could find online of geese teachings!

There is one thing we cannot ignore, and that is the overwhelming amounts of threats of violence that young people are facing on this moment. The silence of many people who claim to be allies is deafening. Meanwhile, the young people’s actions are sending a strong message to all of the people who are trying to intimidate them right now.

Whether you are punching them in the face and trying to find their home addresses to share with people who wish them harm in Winnipeg…

Or you are sending death threats to community helpers who gather on Friday evenings for community, culture and connection in Ottawa…

Perhaps you are threatening violence upon Indigenous youth protestors who are occupying the BC legislative building in Victoria…

Or maybe you are threatening to run over, scalp or sexually assault people who are participating in climate justice (and children at that!)…

Or you might simply be one of the countless, never ending online trolls who are feeling like you need to insert how non Indigenous people also face hardships…

Indigenous young people have a consistent message to send: they will not be intimidated.

Young people are already facing challenging life conditions on reserve and in inner cities. You don’t have to look far to see summaries of why they are so unhappy and why they would resonate so strongly with what is happening in BC. I personally know young people who have faced all the things I mentioned above, plus being ignored, or being arrested, or being doxxed. It is an intense time right now. I did a scan of Facebook and found this awesome summary from Makwala Smith:

Our demands are simple: RCMP and coastal gaslink must vacate Wet’suwet’en territories IMMEDIATELY and John Horgan must meet with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs! “We will be here as long as it takes”

To stay updated I’d recommend checking out @IY4wetsuweten on Twitter!!

UPDATE: shortly after posting this, I discovered a CBC article claiming the hereditary chiefs had met with the province of BC and the federal government. Apparently now the agreement is before the Wet’suwet’en people for review. We will wait to hopefully hear of a resolution soon.

All the photos came from Danny Krump, follow him on Instagram or hire him to take photos for you

2 thoughts on “Indigenous Young People Will Not Be Intimidated

  1. I love the solidarity but I’m also very confused. I hear the hereditary chiefs don’t want the pipelines. I hear there chiefs those who want it and want to bring jobs to the nations. I also wonder, if oil is so important, why don’t the pipelines run along the Trans Canada highway instead of very remote places? If they don’t get made, what do we do for jobs for the people out there? I was very late getting to work the other day. I see the issue, but people are hating the protestors even more now and continue to do anything the can to stop you. That’s what I heard people saying on the bus. Also why stop a Via train? the passengers have nothing to do with the protests or oil aside from the engine running on diesel. We can’t bicycle freight and passengers across the country. It’s like someone calling the shots is deliberately trying to get the population upset and not in a good way.

    1. I’ll rephrase my post: it is wrong to be violent to people who are demonstrating peacefully. I can’t and don’t speak for these young people but I know they don’t deserve to be threatened with violence.

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