So everyone is canceling everything. It means we are going to be having a lot of time inside and so people are gonna inevitably be looking for things to do. I have a relationship with boredom and have written things and been interviewed about it in the media before. I also include boredom in many of my talks and encourage kids to find and practice and share their gifts anytime they feel bored. This is also especially important for parents who have kids. I hope this doesn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyway: please don’t be all panicky and freak out, it’s not constructive or helpful. Use that energy instead to be informed by trustworthy sources, keep yourself and your family safe….and keep people entertained!

Now what?

I’d like to share with you all a few Michael suggestions for possible activities you can do while you are at home trying to not be bored:

Read A Real Book: No, not on your phone or computer, a real life paper in your hand book! I mean, use whatever you have around you, if you only have access to paper then use that, if you only have access to screens then it is what it is but don’t overdo the screen time. Get comfortable, have a blanket, get a snack and read a book that you haven’t read yet. Make it something challenging that’s beyond your usual reading level , it might be difficult and you might need to check the definitions of some words but this is a good opportunity to challenge ourselves. Here are some of my recommendations 🙂

Do Art: Art of any variety will do. Painting, cooking, drawing, dancing, singing – if it involves you creating things then do it! If you can imagine something that doesn’t exist today, then try to create it! Your ideas are awesome but they mean very little of you cannot communicate them to others. Try to draw it out! Learn how to crochet, make a dreamcatcher, sew something, create a dance, anything creative or artistic!

Phone A Friend: I mean actually on purpose calling a friend (without texting them to arrange it first) for the express purpose of “talking”. Ask them about things that make them happy, help them make a list of activities to do, get ideas from them in activities to do. Talk about your feelings, talk about your hopes and dreams, talk about things that make you happy or sad or things that motivate you. Plan out books, movies or activities to watch independently so you can talk about them on a future call. Bonus: set up a Google chat or a group phone call with many people at one time to do a group activity while everyone is at home

Clean Your House and yourself: Ain’t no reason we can’t sweep, mop, do dishes, dust, sanitize, clean mirrors and windows. Get into the nooks and crannies, sort the shelves, venture into the depths of closets, basements and attics, who knows what cool things you may discover! And don’t forget to take this time to clean your self and your own body. Hygiene is our friend!

Make a texture wall: Do you have a wall in your house that is plain? Maybe it has one picture on it, or maybe nothing at all? Well I recommend that you make a texture wall and you put things that look and feel interesting when you place them on your wall. Here is my texture wall:

Make Your Own Board Game: Think of a situation you run into on a regular basis that is hard to explain to other people. Make a game out of it with someone else who knows that feeling. You can gain inspiration by thinking of some of your favourite games whether it’s Monopoly, Sorry, Clue, Operation, Cards Against Humanity or whatever!

Create online content to share: Check out Canva, make some cool stuff. Plan out and make a podcast or YouTube series, start a blog or guest post on other people’s platforms. I also want to say if you’re spending lots of time at home you should be careful that you don’t overdo it by having too much screen time — it’s bad for your mental health and bad for your body and bad for your eyes! So think about how you can create things for people to watch, look at, meant from or listen to online (like music or podcasts especially)!

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