I am pumped to be able to share with you all that I’m going to be hosting some Instagram and Facebook LIVE sessions in the next week targeted to students who are out of school and community members looking to care for their mental health! I am planning on hosting one session each day alternating between my Facebook and Instagram platforms!! This is my way of trying to give back to our community at a time when we are all social distancing and staying home due to COVID-19. Save the following dates/times, pull up to your devices and let’s share some stories and some knowledge!

Step 1: Follow Me

The first step is to follow me on these platforms: @northendmc on Instagram and “Michael Redhead Champagne” on Facebook! Then make sure you are available at the designated dates/times, keep in mind these are all in Winnipeg / Central Time zone! If you don’t have a social media account on these platforms, you may still be able to view them as these accounts are public. I’m happy to share on these platforms but instagram especially I’m excited to do some back/forth interacting with the people watching online. I’ll also be sprinkling in some Twitter LIVE videos as well but these will be at random times throughout the week and surprises to everyone, probably including me lol. Also, I am not doing this for money, but speaking is my livelihood, so I’ve set up a tip jar for anyone who wants to show their appreciation financially!

Monday March 30 @ 10am CST on Facebook LIVE


Description: if you’ve ever been in a classroom environment with me where I spoke about self care, I probably did this activity. Designed to be easy to understand, I’ll use the Anishinabe teachings of the medicine wheel to help the viewers Make a list of 16 specific tasks they can do to care for their spirits, bodies, hearts and minds.

Tuesday March 31 @ 6pm CST on Instagram LIVE

Topic: Stories and Live Questions/Answers

Description: I want to share with you all what I have been up to in the last couple weeks, how my life has changed since COVID-19 and some things that I am excited for in the coming months. I will dedicate a significant portion of time inviting others to go live with me to share a story or a question related to my ramblings.

Wednesday April 1 @ 10:30am CST on Facebook LIVE


Description: We live in a world where we can often feel like things are out of our control. Join me as I share an activity that can help you identify the things that are worrying you the most, and create a list of actions you can complete today, before you got o sleep, to help your mind feel at ease and to have some forward moving direction addressing the things that are bothering you.

Thursday April 2 @ 6pm on Instagram LIVE

Topic: Q & A with Special Guest

Description: I will chat with a very special guest who is a leader in mental health, an athlete & overall amazing human being. We will share some questions / answers back and forth and talk about our experiences across many geographical and cultural contexts.

Friday April 3 @ 5:00pm CST on Facebook LIVE

Topic: Bell Tower Fridays!

Description: since we haven’t been able to meet at the bell tower in quite some time I feel like I want to dedicate Fridays to talking about the many different aspects of bell tower and the many different lessons this movement has taught me over the years.

See you (online) soon!

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