Hey loyal friends of North End MC the blog! You haven’t heard from me on this account in some time, and that’s because I have moved…My online home is now MICHAEL REDHEAD CHAMPAGNE DOT COM!

On this page you can see my official biography that includes past adventures, you can see some of the reports and media items I have written and of course you can find my new blog.

Of course with this new online home, my email address got updated as well so I want to share with you how you can get a hold of me for re-connecting or for bookings/speaking gigs/hosting gigs/opportunities.

MC @ MichaelRedheadChampagne .com – contact me if you want to discuss creating opportunities for systems change within child welfare and health. Let me know if there are volunteer opportunities I can share or other events/topics related to inner city development and community renewal.

BOOK @ MichaelRedheadChampagne .com – contact my team and see if I can come and be involved in your work, come speak to your community or other such employment related adventures.

Please join me in my new adventures as I level up from being NORTH END MC to being…. MYSELF!

What do YOU think?!

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