First Contact Returns For Second Season

It's back! The show that electrified conversations around reconciliation in Canada last year is back for a second season! First Contact Canada is a multi-part television experience, airing on APTN Sept 17, 18 & 19 and follows six Canadians with stereotypical views on Indigenous people on a 28 day journey into First Nations, Metis & … Continue reading First Contact Returns For Second Season


Goat Teachings

When it feels like there are many people or systems moving these barriers into my path, I am reminded of these awesome mountain goats:

5 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Today

So many people say to me they want to be a better communicator, a better writer or a public speaker. My question back to those people is what are you waiting for? Here are 5 ways that you can work on your public speaking/communication skills: Identify the 3 areas that you are most passionate about … Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Today

North Enders Get Organized

On Friday March 1st 2019, over 50 community members came together to have a conversation about the future of North End organizations, services and institutions. The event was in partnership with a number of community organizations (including meet me at the Bell Tower), and we bussed many of our Bell Tower family members over to … Continue reading North Enders Get Organized

Oh, Democracy!

Last month I was humbled to be invited to participate in something called Democracy Xchange at Ryerson University in Toronto, the event was organized by Open Democracy Project/Ryseron Leadership Lab.  This conference invited a large cross section of helpers from across Canada from the private sector, policy nerds, elected government types, community organizers and more … Continue reading Oh, Democracy!

4 Things Winnipeg Could Spend It’s Current Budget Surplus On

It has recently been reported that the City of Winnipeg is reporting a $14.2 million dollar surplus in its general revenue for the 2017-18 annual budget. Many people don't know but if the if the General Revenue Fund reports a surplus at year-end, it will be transferred to the Financial Stabilization Reserve. That fund is … Continue reading 4 Things Winnipeg Could Spend It’s Current Budget Surplus On