Michael Redhead Champagne has spent nearly two decades speaking out and leading by example. He takes a hopeful and solution oriented approach to youth engagement, facilitation, community organizing and mobilization.

The list of accolades for his work is both lengthy and well deserved. He was recognized as the 2016 Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian of the Year and in TIME Magazine as a Next Generation Leader. In 2016, Michael served on the Bank of Canada’s bank note advisory committee with a task of creating a short list of women nominated by the public to appear on a new bank note. Michael has also received a Manitoba Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award as well as recognition as a CBC Manitoba Future 40 leader, a Manitoba Hero, and a Future Leader of Manitoba.

As the founder of AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities), he is committed to a wide variety of important community initiatives including Meet Me at the Bell Tower, AYO Politix, ARROWS Youth Engagement Strategy, 13 Fires, Fearless R2W and Winnipeg Water Wednesday. Michael has served as president of North End Community Renewal Corporation, a board member for the Circle of Life Thunderbird House and is currently serving on the board for Marymound Inc. His committee work currently includes United Way of Winnipeg’s Council for Indigenous Relations and is an advisor to the Garden of Compassion initiative.

Michael is known for his straight up and heartfelt style that will leave you moved, inspired and ready for action.


7 thoughts on “Biography

  1. This guy is my baby brother and I am so proud of him in every way for all he has done, is doing and will do.Michael has always had a great heart that cares for others so deeply he is a very smart strong willed man and he is going to change things more then he has already keep up the great work Mikey love you and beside you 100% always.

  2. Michael is our son and we are very proud of him he is going to make changes in this city maybe not right now but in the future and nobody no matter what they do is going to stop him love you lots and we support you all the way

  3. A true leader for first nations youth, keep up the good work. Excellent role model for all.I cant wait till you are our future prime minister 🙂

  4. I have learned a lot from Michael he taught me a lot about his speech yesterday it made me tear up of what He said and from him talking to us children. At the school has inspired me and I have learned a lot. And I look at him as a role model to me and I look up to him as a brother from a different mother even though he’s not a real brother to me and he will always be a brother in my heart.

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