Manitoba & Me

If Manitoba was a person, what would you say to them? Would you give them a high 5 for the awesome things they are up to? Would you sit them down and give them a good talking to? Here are 6 things that I would discuss if Manitoba was a person and I got a … Continue reading Manitoba & Me


Back from Belize

And we're back! I am happy to share that our adventures in Belize have concluded and the youth led awesomeness happening with Maya youth is off to an amazing start. Myself and Kakeka had an amazing time representing AYO! & Meet Me at the Bell Tower and sharing with the youth leaders of the newly … Continue reading Back from Belize

5 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Today

So many people say to me they want to be a better communicator, a better writer or a public speaker. My question back to those people is what are you waiting for? Here are 5 ways that you can work on your public speaking/communication skills: Identify the 3 areas that you are most passionate about … Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Today

North Enders Get Organized

On Friday March 1st 2019, over 50 community members came together to have a conversation about the future of North End organizations, services and institutions. The event was in partnership with a number of community organizations (including meet me at the Bell Tower), and we bussed many of our Bell Tower family members over to … Continue reading North Enders Get Organized

Oh, Democracy!

Last month I was humbled to be invited to participate in something called Democracy Xchange at Ryerson University in Toronto, the event was organized by Open Democracy Project/Ryseron Leadership Lab.  This conference invited a large cross section of helpers from across Canada from the private sector, policy nerds, elected government types, community organizers and more … Continue reading Oh, Democracy!

4 Things Winnipeg Could Spend It’s Current Budget Surplus On

It has recently been reported that the City of Winnipeg is reporting a $14.2 million dollar surplus in its general revenue for the 2017-18 annual budget. Many people don't know but if the if the General Revenue Fund reports a surplus at year-end, it will be transferred to the Financial Stabilization Reserve. That fund is … Continue reading 4 Things Winnipeg Could Spend It’s Current Budget Surplus On

Kids Help Phone Launches Texting Service Across Canada

Kids Help Phone announced this morning the results of their text messaging pilot project as well as the plans to roll out the service across Canada! See more from Kids Help Phone's official announcement HERE. While some may be critical of offering kids help through more screen time, many more believe we must provide services … Continue reading Kids Help Phone Launches Texting Service Across Canada