CEO Sleepout 2012

Once Upon a time…MC became involved in something called the 2nd Annual CEO Sleepout, in partnership with the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ to raise awareness about the issues of homelessness in Winnipeg. Check out the official web page here.

1 Night. Over 40 CEOs. $150,000 Fundraising Goal.
All in support of homeless employment programs and helping people off the streets. In 2011, the inaugural CEO Sleepout helped raise over $100,000 for Change for the Better.

Check out the MC Saga of the CEO Sleepout for 2012!

Chapter 1: What is the CEO Sleepout?

Chapter 2: Suggested Activities for the CEO Sleepout

Free Press Article, sharing Ch 2!

Chapter 3: MC, Young & Bowman Have a Plan

Metro Article about the plan

Chapter 4: What Difference does a year make?

Chapter 5: What Happened at the Extra Night Out?

Winnipeg Sun Article on the Friday Night Adventure

Chapter 6: Mary’s Story

Chapter 7: This Is It (CEO Sleepout Tonight)

Chapter 8: Waking Up @ Portage & Main

Chapter 9: Ending Homelessness in 10 years

The 2nd Annual CEO Sleepout

When: September 27, 2012 (7pm – overnight)

Where: 201 Portage Avenue

Our 2012 CEO Sleepout Goals:

(1) Educate
(2) Mobilize
(3) Fundraise

Got a question about online donations? Contact


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