Inspiring Blogs

And to share with you folks, I’d like to share some amazing blogs that you should probably check out if you have an opportunity!

Indigenous Nationhood – Pam Palmater

This amazing woman has a book out and is constantly telling the government what is up. I blame her blog for teaching me how to be effective with embedding clever links in my blog posts! She is an amazing Miq Maq woman (LAwyer, author etc.) from the East Coast of Turtle Island.

Indigenous People in the Economy – Ken Sanderson

This dude has been sharing so much with me in the last year in terms of educating me about the realities of policy and economics.  The world is controlled by silly things like money, and us Indigenous people have an important role to play…blogs like this help us to know it.

Winnipeg’s North End – Community

This blog, is one I contribute to, is committed to celebrating the awesomeness and the comings together of people in our hood. It is sharing some amazing stories and allowing us to control the kind of documented internet press our community gets, because we know there are more of us (to do good) than there are of them (that do not-good).

North End Food Security Network

These folks are committed to educating us North Enders about the importance of Food Security and how to take care of our bodies in a green and economically friendly kind of way. They have been instrumental in supporting MC professionally, and AYO as they foray into the world of healthy eating, gardening and so much more.

St. John’s Resident’s Association

These folks meet in the St. John’s Community and are committed to providing a voice to those who live there. Soon these folks will be having a youth rep who sits on the North End Youth Council; North End Rising.

Too Much To Do – Kale

This member of AYO’s Leadership Team is everywhere. She was instrumental in getting new Banners on Selkirk Avenue and currently is a student, a teacher, a community youth worker, an artist, a sister, a mentor and so much more. Check out Miss Kale in action. Miss Kale is also the driving force behind The FWD: The voice of North End Youth, a newspaper expressing OUR views.

A Belle in the North – Michelle

This amazing North Ender is doing some great stuff to positively represent our hood. She is the originator of the North End of Winnipeg Blog and is only gonna be doing more amazing stuff in the days/months/years to come.

Kwe Today – Naomi

Naomi Sayers is a 25-year-old Three Fires Native from the Garden River First Nation Band. I enjoy reading her posts as an Urban Native person learning in London, Ontario. It is great to see how similair and different our perspectives and challenges are. I hope to some day work with this lady in a professional capacity.

eMCeeZ LoG – Myself

Well, if you wanna see how MC Blogging began, check out this historical website of MC. This was my blog and what got me addicted. You can watch me grow in every post…creepy.


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