Responding To Violence

responding to violence

In November 2014, I was assaulted just one block away from where Meet Me at the Bell Tower gathers weekly to stop this type of violence. In this 3 Part series I detail my immediate reaction, a clarification statement that I am not deterred in building a more peaceful community and finally a challenge to the city to measure the good and focus on unity.

Part One: “Responding to Violence”

‘what can we do stop street violence?’ & ‘what do we do when we are confronted with violence, as a victim or a passerby?’. This was a small situation, a random act of violence that reminds me of what an uphill battle we are waging.

Part Two: “MC Unstoppable”

We as a community have been calling for a few items, including but not limited to:
– more supports for young men by young men
– a more adequate response from police when street violence occurs
– clarity on what community members can do when they are a bystander
– advocating for self defense training
– safety measures including walking in groups, being aware of surroundings and more

Part Three: “Winnipeg United”

What if we start talking about how Winnipeg is in moments united? Where are the poll results that ask how many Winnipeggers feel our diversity is our strength? If we leave no room for a solution in the way we tell our stories, it will be more difficult for those solutions to become reality

More information on Meet Me at the Bell Tower can be found here:

You can find info to book MC to come emcee or speak here:



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