Good morning!

Ekosi (thanks) for visiting the online home of Michael Redhead Champagne aka the North End MC. On this site you will find upcoming dates where I’ll be speaking, videos, pictures and my crazy blog articles too (word). I use this blog to express myself, engage with the digital world and stay connected to the folks who I have spoken to across Turtle Island. I will share my adventures as a story teller as I work to address the issues that face my North End community and beyond. I’ll also talk about some of the awesome accomplishment’s of AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities), but you can find more info about the team at the official website. Feel free to drop me a comment, or better yet come on down to one of the many community events I am involved with on a weekly basis in Winnipeg so we can talk in person. I am always interested in learning and am a self described Street Educator committed to learning from every interaction.

Talk to you soon

Love & Respect


9 thoughts on “Yo!

  1. Hey my name is George I am 13 years old now and Ive been bullied at my old school I transferred because my math reading and science and ya but any way I want to be a speaker bye

  2. Hey uncle i wanted to tell you that Aurora has not been getting any more notes and she is now 14 years old since yesterday september 13 2015 bye and love you

  3. I got your name from Brian Barron at a CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) meeting. He is on the Aboriginal Committee and I am on the Rainbow (anti-racism) Committee. I was impressed with your comments with the Winnipeg police chief and hope you can help.

    As an instructor at an on-line university in Alberta, I have been working with a former student who has been incarcerated for much of his adult life. We are working together on a book, in which Mitchell is writing a “letter” to his son, explaining how he ended up in jail. He has accessed funding from the Personal Credits part of the Truth and Reconciliation program, in order to publish this book. I am looking for venues for him to share his book with youth, in order to inspire them to not follow his path. He is hoping to be released from Regina Correctional Institute next spring, after an appeal, based on a Gladue Report, but he has to have concrete plans for worthwhile activity upon his release. Do you have any advice for Mitchell and myself in order to make plans? Thank you for your time and attention.

  4. Congratulations Michael on your recent award, 2016 Youth Humanitarian Award.
    I am no longer with Siloam but am leaving contact info with this post if you want to get in contact.
    Dan Maxson

  5. Hi Michael,

    I enjoyed meeting you at the Bell tower. Continue your amazing work. Hope to see you soon at more events.

    Lisa from St-Pierre-Jolys

  6. Michael, I was at the Bell Tower last night when you told the two girls you would try to get them helmets for roller skating. I will go to Canadian Tire today and see if I can get them. Here is mu elmail.

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